Edwin Jansen

A Brief History of Edwin Jansen

My journey in becoming a 3D artist began in my hometown of Tilburg Reeshof, Netherlands, where I spent my childhood and teenage years.

Although I faced some academic challenges in school, I discovered my passion for the arts, including drawing and English.

In school, I liked drawing and english but I didn't take any computer science classes. I deeply regretted this decision. Maybe I'd found out much earlier what was possible with computers.

Reflecting back on my education, I wished I had taken computer science classes earlier to have discovered the exciting possibilities of computer graphics sooner. However, I took this as a lesson to continuously expand my skills and knowledge.

However, the school I finished did'nt work with Maya software, yet. But I did finish with the intermediate knowledge of 3Ds Max at the time.

My diverse background in art, design, computer science, business, and simulation has given me a unique perspective and skill set, and I am excited to combine all of these elements in my future career. I see the endless possibilities in the world of 3D art and am eager to bring my vision to life."

Currently, as a post-graduate from Art academy AKV St. Joost in Illustration/Animation, I am constantly pushing myself to develop as an animator and 3D artist. I am fascinated by the upcoming Virtual Production in Unreal 5 and always experimenting with new ways of filmmaking. To me, computer science is a fascinating and creative tool for storytelling, and I embrace the challenges it brings.

In the near future, I want to combine everything I learned into a career I like. This includes art, design, computer science, business, simulation, and who knows what else. The future is endless.