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Edwin Jansen

A Brief History of Edwin Jansen

Early Years

I was born in Tilburg Reeshof, Netherlands, and always stayed there. I lived in the city of Tilburg, and spent the latter part of my childhood and teenage years there.

I was not so great in school back in the days. By the time I finished high school I was almost 18. I also did guitar lessons and dance lessons. But the best times I had was skateboarding with my friends.

In school, I liked drawing and english but I didn't take any computer science classes. I deeply regretted this decision. Maybe I'd found out much earlier what was possible with computers.


When I was 17 Years old I attended the Eindhovense school in Eindhoven. This was the school where I figured out what my passion was. Because I scored a 100% at AV/animation. But afterwards attended the Koning Willem in s'-Hertogenbosch and went for animation. I also watched a lot of videos from Gnonom school and was always up to date with movies.

However, the school I finished did'nt work with Maya software, yet. But I did finish with the intermediate knowledge of 3Ds Max.


Although there are times when people tell me that I'm directionless with all these seemingly different fields, but I'm young and I'm exploring. The world is like a playground for me. I can't just be satisfied with the swings, I want to go on all the rides.

Right now I am graduated from Art academy AKV St. Joost in Illustration/Animation, And I'm still teaching myself to become a Animator and 3D artist. I find computer science to be very interesting and creative and telling a story with it. Definitely a challenge for me, and I welcome that challenge.

In the near future, I want to combine everything I learned into a career I like. This includes art, design, computer science, business, simulation, and who knows what else. The future is endless.